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The main principle of Ulusoy Railway Systems, which centered the production into the customer satisfaction and human safety in modern production facilities;

It adopts national and international standards at all stages of business processes. Ulusoy Railway Systems, which fulfills the demands and needs of its customers in the shortest time in accordance with national and international standards and specifications, operates with the aim of continuing its reputation in the foreign market with its quality accreditations. While providing the required conditions and legal regulations in the projects we are involved in, we always provide service by committing to produce the same quality product.

The products of Ulusoy Railway Systems, manufactures in accordance with national and international quality standards, has been certified its quality with routine and type tests by internationally accredited labs.  Our products are adapted to Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), International Electric Commission (IEC), European Norm (EN) international standards as well as ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

All products produced and supplied by Ulusoy Railway Systems are manufactured with the latest technology.

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